Trauma:  School-wide Recovery

There are two very distinct aspects of responding after a traumatic event.  One is how we work with the individuals who are showing signs of post-trauma distress.  The other critical aspect is how we begin to create an environment in the school that promotes a sense of trust, security, calm and the return to normalcy (or the finding of the “new normal”).

This workshop addresses the school-wide measures that can make a terrific difference in helping students feel safe, in regaining the trust of parents and the community, and of finding our safe harbor from the turbulent waters of trauma.  Youth will only do as well as the adults around them.  That means that, while we might think the best use of our time is providing one-to-one or small group sessions for students, our time may be just as well spent helping staff learn the language and concepts of creating calm in the aftermath.

This workshop not only tells what we can do after the event – it gives clear guidelines on how to inservice staff regarding their own reactions, behaviors and messages during the unfolding of a terrifying event.  How we manage the critical moments of danger have the potential to mitigate the level of trauma residual youth will have.  These are the skills and measures you hope you never need, but the ones you can’t afford not to have when crisis strikes!

Half-day overview or one-day workshop.

In Crisis Now?