Gearing Up!!!

Time to look at the new school year, and I’m turning over a new leaf as well. Until now, the blog has just had personal reflections on life, but wasn’t focused on “notes from the field” as much as I’d initially intended. This year, most of what will be on the blog will be professionally based. I’m still considering just how to use this space, but am determined that it will transition to being something helpful for all of you who are in contact because of crisis-related issues.

So stay tuned for that.

In the interim, the very quick catch-up from summer this year…. I again rode the Seattle-to-Portland this summer, but the only word to describe that event was “brutal” because of a bike malfunction. Nobody (even the bike maintenance folks in the support stops) figured out the problem in time to save me from a back injury that only deserves a frowny face.

On a really superbly happy note, my son married the most phenomenal woman on the planet (can you tell I like her?!). She’s Italian, so they rented a castle in Italy, and 20 Americans and 40 Italians all gathered together for a magical weekend amidst the beautiful hill country in Northern Italy.

Stay tuned… We’ll see how this blog takes form for helpful hints. I’m enjoying the process of learning how better to use social media and look forward to your comments.

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