Terminally Ill Students/Staff in the Classroom

There is perhaps nothing more heart-breaking over a period of time than having a terminally ill student or staff member in your building.  We’re often not sure whether to “bring it up” or just act as if everything is normal.  Of course we aren’t sure!  Sometimes the terminally ill student or staff member wants to have as much normalcy as possible, and sometimes that same person may want time when we talk about it openly and make plans for how to best support him or her through difficult moments ahead.

This workshop provides a wonderful and loving framework from which to approach meeting the needs of one who is terminally ill.  It provides great measures for giving that person the greatest amount of control reasonable and possible, but puts in place a range of quiet supports that can be called upon with short notice.

This is, indeed, a tremendous “teachable moment” for other students and staff, so don’t shy away from it.  Often these people feel so very isolated.  At the same time, there are very difficult challenges if the ill person wants to remain in the classroom past a time when that is possible to support well.

This workshop will touch your heart while it gives you great insights that are pragmatic and useful.

Half day.

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