Suicide Mini Course:

Prevention and Response

Teen-ponders-BW-blindsA student approaches you after class.  They appear uncomfortable, but clearly want to talk to someone.  After a minute of working up their courage, they disclose that they have been having some serious problems at home, and have been thinking of committing suicide.

How will you respond?

This brief 30-minute course introduces a basic framework for helping a child who is having suicidal thoughts.  It is valuable information for teachers, school staff, parents, church staff, and any other adult who has a child in their life.  To prevent a suicide we must move quickly, and this resource introduces concepts and techniques to make the right decisions in those critical minutes.

Topics covered include:

  • A framework for understanding how youth come to see suicide as a solution– the only solution– to their problems
  • Why helping suicidal people requires focusing on cognitive solutions more than emotional solutions
  • Common warning signs displayed by suicidal youth
  • Reasons to approach a youth who may be suicidal
  • Common counterproductive reactions to avoid when a child discloses their suicidal thoughts

This mini course is intended as a general introduction to this important subject, and there are many aspects that are not covered here.  For a more detailed and thorough exploration of suicide prevention and response, please take a look at our 3-hour course on suicide.

For more on this topic, you can also visit our Free Resources page.

After taking the course and passing the quiz, you will be eligible for 1/2 hour of professional development credit.

This course is available for individuals and is also available at great discounts for school buildings, school districts or educational service agencies.

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