Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention


Girl-head-in-hands-depressionSuicide is the greatest mistake a person can make, and has devastating consequences for family, friends and peers left behind. The good news is that many youth suicides are preventable as long as the adults around them have the training and knowledge to recognize the signs, intervene in an effective manner, and immediately take steps outlined in district policy regarding referral. 

This in-depth online course on suicide teaches those skills, and is appropriate for any staff who work with youth.  Of all the training courses a staff member can take, this one has the greatest potential to save a student’s life.


Topics covered in this four-part series include:

Segment One:

  • Frameworks for understanding how youth move toward suicidal ideation
  • Common internal and external pressures that may push youth towards suicide
  • Statistics and common myths about suicide

Segment Two:

  • Common warning signs displayed by suicidal students
  • Groups that may be at a higher risk for suicide

Segment Three:

  • Approaching a student who is displaying signs of suicidal thought
  • Avoiding common mistakes that adults make in discussing suicide
  • Roles and responsibilities of various staff members
  • Referral and following up

Segment Four:

  • Talking to students after the suicide of a classmate
  • Laying the groundwork for addressing suicide in the curriculum
  • The role of the Flight Team
  • Setting up and using a Safe Room
  • Talking to the family and holding a Life Tribute

All four segments come with the course, with two options of use. For those who are taking the course to fulfill a two-hour requirement for professional development on suicide (several states require this), the first three segments will fulfill the requirement. At the end of Segment Three, there is a quiz. When the quiz is passed, the participant’s name can be added to a certificate and printed.

For those who wish another hour of professional development, Segment Four has a separate certificate for those who pass the quiz at the end of that segment.

This course is available for individuals and is also available at great discounts for school buildings, school districts or educational service agencies.

Access to the course is time-limited, so wait to purchase until you intend to take and complete the course.

Please note that at this time, our courses are not available for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

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