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Two different teams need to swing into action when crisis strikes on campus, and every minute counts. We have two types of Grab and Go Bags; the Administrator’s Grab and Go Briefcase to take as they head out to deal with police, media and parents, and the Grab and Go Duffel for the Rapid Response Team from within the building who will be providing triage, providing first aid, assisting in loading the injured into ambulances, relocating ambulatory staff and students, and all that is entailed in dealing with “the hot spot.”

The Administrator’s Grab and Go Briefcase is 16″ x 13′ x 3″ with 2 zipper compartments, cell phone and pen pockets and a clear identification tag attached. It is constructed out of PVC nylon and has an adjustable shoulder strap. Included with every bag is a comprehensive checklist of additional items for you to add specific to your site (floor plans, media release templates, attendance information and more).

We recommend one for each principal or site and an identical one at the District Office for those times when evacuation occurs in such a way that this resource is out of reach. This also provides information for police and emergency service personnel when you’re in lock-down and/or communication is difficult.
Administrators’ Grab and Go Briefcase with checklist $35.00

Administrators’ Grab and Go Briefcase & Manual Set $120.00

* Crisis Resource Manual
* Catastrophic Events Manual
* Checklist

Administrators’ Grab and Go Briefcase Complete $175.00

* Crisis Resource Manual
* Catastrophic Events Manual
* Media Relations Book
* Emergency Kit CD
* Checklist

The Grab and Go Duffel is 18″ x 10″ x 10″ constructed of red polyester with a zippered main compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, and a zippered sleeve pocket on the end.
Grab and Go Duffel $165.00

Included are:

* Clear self laminating identification tag
* 1 green and 4 orange colored vests
* 1,000 ft. roll barrier tape to cordon off an area
* 100 wristbands and 3 permanent markers for identifying those transported by ambulance or other means
* 100 rubber gloves
* 1 clipboard and 1 pen
* 1 spiral notebook
* a checklist for you to add other items specific to your own district.
We recommend at least one for each site. More may be required depending on site layout and population.


Crisis Control in a Bag

This soft briefcase comes packed with just about everything you need to get you through crisis and critical events. Available in three options:

The Basic: The BASIC includes one Crisis Resource Manual and one Catastrophic Events Resource Manual, conveniently carried anywhere you need them in a “soft briefcase” with zippered compartments. $120

The Standard:All of the Basic, plus an Emergeny Kit and a Safe Room book. $175

The Whole Enchilada! Includes all of the above plus a password for the principal to the All Staff Preparedness Online Resource to use for staf development all year long. 25 video segments. $275

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