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Self-Injury is a surprisingly common coping mechanism for children and teenagers who are dealing with stress and anxiety.  The behavior has an addictive quality, and finding alternatives to harming oneself is extremely difficult.  There is a delicate balance in helping a young person find ways to cease this behavior while maintaining your relationship of trust with the student.

This two-part course begins by outlining the root causes of self-injury and giving a framework for understanding this behavior.  Part Two focuses on talking with the student in a constructive manner and helping them find ways to deal with their emotions without engaging in self-harm.


Topics covered in this two-hour course include:


Segment One:

  • Frameworks for understanding how youth begin self-injuring
  • Types of pathological self-injury
  • The different responses for self-injury vs. suicidal risk
  • Common reasons a child might be harming themselves

Segment Two:

  • Talking to a student about their signs of self-injurious behavior
  • Avoiding common mistakes that adults make in discussing self-injury
  • Roles and responsibilities of various staff members
  • Referral and following up

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