Seattle-to-Portland 2009!

We did it again! Linda and I hopped on our bikes early Saturday morning, July 11th, and pedaled our way all the way to Castle Rock (about 140 miles) for an earlier arrival this year. That was terrific – we had much more time to enjoy the Mexican Restaurant across from the hotel and settle in for the night.

Sunday morning we had a leisurely breakfast at the local diner and headed out into a dark and stormy morning. In fact, sprinkles moved us to put on our rain jackets less than a mile into the ride, but it never worked itself into a real rain. Others who didn’t ride as far as we did on day one had lightening, hail and rain before they caught up to us!

So here is the picture of the celebratory finish. In October I’ll be riding to raise funds for MS, and I hope that you’ll consider donating even a very small amount. I have to raise $300 to be in the ride, so that could be lots of little tiny donations! You can go to my web page here for the MS ride by going to the “MS City to Shore” web site and putting “Cheri Lovre” into the participant search.

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