Safe Rooms (Grieving rooms following deaths)

The “heart of crisis response” just might be the Safe Room.  This is the place set aside for students whose grief has such impact that the student really can’t concentrate on academics.  Students are in their classrooms to hear the announcement of the death, and teachers often take some time to process the meaning of the loss with students in the classroom – it is a profound “teachable moment” – and then at some point, most of the students in many classes will be ready to move back into the usual school day activities.

Those students who were perhaps closest friends often need a little more time to talk, reflect, cry, share memories and begin to come to terms with the loss.  The Safe Room provides a place for exactly that.

Sometimes a death impacts staff as much or more than students, so sometimes a staff Safe Room is also made available.

This workshop covers critical factors in managing Safe Rooms, including supplies to have on hand, activities that help students grieve, managing behaviors and much more.


This can be offered as a half-day or full-day training.


Accompanying materials:


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