Rapid Response Team Training


                Saving Lives When Every Second Counts

                            … One of the Three Pillars of Readiness

Ambulance through windshieldEvery parent wants to feel that their child’s school has done everything possible to ensure that their children will come home safely every day.  The Rapid Response Team Training combines prevention with highly skillful immediate response for those catastrophic events beyond our control.  This online resource takes the basic Incident Command and National Incident Management System trainings and, by filling in additional mobilization details, takes your school to the next level of preparedness and vigilance.

This online resource takes the  Incident Command and National Incident Management System trainings offered to administrators and fills in additional mobilization details, taking you to the next level.

Watch this video by Cheri Lovre on Rapid Response Team Training

Benefits of the The Rapid Response Team online resource:

  1. Everything you’ve already developed works within this expanded model.
  2. It is designed based on the NIMS/ICS models, but more specifically school friendly
  3. It trains and coordinates Task Unit members in their roles
  4. The Scenarios you will run with this program give you critical missing information about communications
  5. Up to thirty or more people will receive targeted training for immediate response

Features include:

  1. A half-hour online course
  2. A fillable chart into which all Task Unit members are organized
  3. Brief segments in the course that describe each of their roles
  4. Debriefing formats for getting the most out of lessons learned in scenarios AND for actual events

Here’s How It Works:

  1. The administrator takes the course
  2. The administrator chooses Task Unit Leaders for six positions
  3. Task Unit Leaders view the course
  4. Remaining Task Unit Members are assigned and view the course
  5. Run a scenario/drill and refine your practices/procedures

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District Annual Site License:       $200 per building

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