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The Full Continuum of Prevention and Crisis Response


The more catastrophic the event, the more critical that your response capacity is built on shared language and concepts.  Training specific to each of the five levels is based in lessons learned from hundreds of responses over the past 35 years.  This is the model that was used after the shooting at Thurston High School, Springfield OR, May 1998, which is the only mass-casualty shooting that resulted in zero lawsuits for the district and emergency agencies.  Choose your area of interest:

  1. State Level Catastrophic Events Response Teams
  2. ESA (BOCES, IU, ESD, etc.) Regional Teams
  3. District Level Crisis Response Team Training (“Flight Team”)
  4. Building Level Rapid Response Teams  (respond when lives are in the balance)
  5. All Staff Preparedness (staff professional development)
  6. Student Threat Assessment (applies to all four lower tiers and can be a regional team for small districts)
  7. Courses (professional development for individuals – usually 1 hour seat time)
  8. Webinars (either we develop or you request specific content)
  9. Course development (we create online courses for your district, region or state)
  10. Resources (free pdf downloads for a range of crises, archives of newsletters and guidelines)


See this video on the ESA (BOCES, IU, ESD) package for greatly reduced prices!


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