Upcoming Open Registration Workshop

3 Day Flight Team (Crisis Response Team) Training

October 19, 20 & 23, 2017

9 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR

Special Option for out-of-towners:  Oct. 18, 19, 20. See below.

We look forward to you joining us for this training!  This is being hosted by Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, but is open to all schools and any agencies or mental health workers who are apt to be supporting youth in the aftermath of tragedies and catastrophic events.

Intended Audience:

  • School administrators, counselors or other mental health workers, school nurses, key teachers, bi-lingual paraprofessionals, community agency staff who would likely assist in responding to a major crisis in your area, youth services staff (juvenile, Oregon Youth Authority, etc.), pre-school staff, faith-based youth educators, and any who might be called to respond to student deaths or major crises.
Important note!  We have to have a minimum number of registrants to hold this training!. Please don’t wait to register.  Even if you don’t have a completed purchase order, please call to do a preliminary registration as soon as you plan to come so we can monitor our head count.  Holding this training depends on adequate registration!

Location: Oregon Episcopal School is at 6300 SW Nicol Rd, Portland, OR 97223.  A map of location is here.

Our timing for start and finish times is in hopes of avoiding the worst rush hour and student drop-off traffic issues, which means we’re taking a very short lunch!  Feel free to bring your own or lunch will be provided by OES for $30 for all three days.  You can pay for and order lunch by contacting Ann at <sulzera@oes.edu>.

The Flyer for this training can be  downloaded here:   3DayTrgFlyerOES-10.2017.

Registration instructions:

  • Please register by generating a PO detailing the number of attendees at $300, then scan and email to Ann at OES.  <sulzera@oes.edu>. If you don’t use purchase orders, Purchase Order Sample provides a sample.
  • Fee for each registrant is $300, administrators come to the first and last morning for $75.
  • With the purchase order, please include both names and email addresses for each participant including administrators who will be attending for free, as we will be sending updated information over time.
  • Please make sure all participants receive the flyer (link above).
  • Note that out-of-towners will have the opportunity to start the training on Wednesday (October 18th)  afternoon at 2, going into an evening session, in order that you don’t have to commute long distances during two separate weeks.  You will be able to order two lunches (for Thursday and Friday).
  • As you plan for your arrival, know that Portland traffic can easily double your drive time at that hour of the day, so allow for that.

Payment Options:. We prefer that you bring a check to the workshop on the first day, but you can also wait to receive our invoice after the training.  You will receive an invoice after the training stating “paid” if  you brought your check or showing amount owing.  We expect payment within 30 days.

Book Orders:  At a minimum, participants all need the Crisis Resource Manual ($55)  and it is recommended that schools purchase an additional copy for administration.  The Training Manual ($55), The Safe Room book ($18) and Media Relations in Schools Including Crisis Communications ($18) are all helpful for this specific training as well.  Manuals and books ordered via PO at least 2 weeks prior to the training will save the 15% shipping fee, and those materials will be distributed at the training.  We print on demand, so free shipping orders need to be placed by October 5th.   Orders placed after the print run will be filled if we have enough on hand.  Ann at OES will be overseeing the registrations and book orders.

Out-of-towners:. In consideration of your travel and so you won’t have to stay over a weekend, we will provide the content for you on Wednesday, October 18th from 2 – 8:30.  That allows you to travel the morning of the training and leave at the end on Friday; just two hotel nights.  This requires that you bring dinner with you so we can take only a 30-minute dinner break.  Register with Ann, but if you have any specific questions about the training, feel free to contact Cheri (number below).

Some helpful links:


  • For registration questions, email Ann at <sulzera@oes.edu> or call (503)768-3124.
  • For questions regarding content of training or questions of the trainer, call Cheri at 503-585-3484 or email at  info@cmionline.org.



More Information on Flight Team Training

Flight Teams are those who “fly in” to meet the needs of a school in crisis at a moment’s notice.  This training is for those who mobilize to provide support for students and staff, to set up Safe Rooms for grieving and processing the loss, and aiding the recovery process.  Read more here…
  • Strong foundational training for school-based teams, including agency mental health practitioners who might respond to schools
  • Organizational structure that is flexible, but comprehensive
  • Great refresher for folks who have had the training in the past
  • Prepares participants to join existing ESD or district Flight Teams
  • Learn how to keep smaller crises from cascading into larger ones
Features and Advantages:
  • Content relevant to organizational options and  procedural actions
  • Small group break-out sessions for taking concepts into skills
  • Save the 15% shipping cost on Crisis Resource Manual by ordering via PO by 3/25/2017.
Target Audience:
  • K-12 administrators, counselors, crisis team members, nurses, others who might mobilize to provide social/emotional support
  • College counselors and others who would mobilize following the death of a student or other campus crisis causing emotional impact to students
  • Community mental health professions in positions that would make it likely you might interface with your local school’s response





More About

Open Registration Workshops

Crisis Management Institute sets aside some weeks during each year to provide workshops for which anyone can register and attend. We do a variety of half- or one-day workshops and vary the content. A district provides the room and set-up (projector) for the training.  We allow you a free attendee for any workshop you host as well as we consider the topics of your choice allowing you to provide much-needed training that you want at a minimal cost to your school or district.  Additional free attendees will be allowed depending upon registration numbers. Please Note:  Trainings will be held based on number of registrations at a specified date just prior to the scheduled workshop date to ensure enough participants in order to hold the training. District staff works collaboratively with CMI to get the word out, inviting all  in the area who may wish to attend. Request: Due to varying school security and clearance, please bring valid state or school issued ID to any training you attend.


If you would like to schedule a workshop or training, please contact us at CMI and we’d be happy to help!





Content offerings include (but are not limited to):

If you are considering having Cheri provide at least a one-day on-site training for your district, this is the time to host a workshop.   We provide additional free seats for paired contract/open registration workshop! Contact us at 503-585-3484 or info@cmionline.org for further information.

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