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Nothing can begin to match the value of face-to-face training.  Those who have experienced a workshop with Cheri will all attest to that.  Bring her into your district and bring your team or staff up to the next level in prevention, preparedness and response.  You will be amazed!

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Some districts choose to have the whole five-day on-site team training, and many choose just one or two days for targeting specific needs.  Here is a list of our commonly requested workshops, but if you don’t see what you need, let us know!

We provide on-site training in two ways:  Your district wants a training for your staff, and we do a contract at a daily rate with your district.  You choose the topic and content and we tailor the presentation for your specific needs.


Open Registration Workshops

The other option is that CMI sets aside some weeks during each year to provide workshops for which anyone can register and attend. A district provides the room for the training.  We allow you a free attendee for any workshop you host as well as we consider the topics of your choice allowing you to provide much-needed training that you want at a minimal cost to your school or district.  Additional free seats will be allowed depending upon registration numbers.  District staff help us by sharing the workshop information with districts in their region, and we do lots of legwork on getting the word out as well. Any of the above topics work for either district-based or open registration workshop. 

We often create workshops for specific needs, as long as the request is within the scope of our expertise.  Having been in this field for so long, we also have a national network of other professionals in related fields, so if we can’t provide what you want, we’ll be quick to refer you on to someone who can.

Click here for more information and schedule updates on our Open Registration workshops.

For inquiries about our creating a workshop specific to your needs, call us at 503-585-3484 or drop us an email at info@cmionline.org.  Let’s get crackin’!


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