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Receptionist-StressedCrisis Response for Individuals – 2 hours – $45

For Administrators, Counselors, Teachers – Prepares those who work in schools to be better prepared for responding in the aftermath of crises that impact students or staff. 


Puzzle-piece-missingRapid Response Team Training for Individuals – 1 hour – $30

Imparts skills and knowledge on how to deal with crises as part of a team structure within a school.



Child-young-drawingFacilitating Grief Groups with Youth – 1 hour – $30

Gives a framework for a ten-week series of meetings and activities for youth who have experienced a loss. For counselors/social workers/school psychologists or others who would like to lead grief groups with youth.


Boy-Corner-Head-DownSuicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention – 2 or 3 hour option – $50 

A three-hour, in-depth course designed to provide understanding, give courage, and save students’ lives. For administrators, counselors, teachers and school staff.  Includes prevention, intervention and follow-up.



Suicide Mini Course: Prevention and Response – 30 minutes – $10

An introduction to some of the key concepts in our main course on suicide.  Includes a framework for understanding suicide, a section on possible warning signs, and some tips on how to talk to youth who may be at risk.


Hands-up-togetherAll Staff Preparedness – 2 hours – $45.00

Designed for any individual who wants to become more effective in responding to crises and preventing further events.



Self-Injury: Understanding and Prevention – 2 hours – $45.00

An introduction to understanding the root causes of self-injury, and how to help youth find more constructive coping mechanisms.



Each course listed above comes with a 

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Package Option:

Crisis Preparedness and Response in the School Setting

Save $40.00 on five professional development courses

This package combines five of our courses into one bundle.  After completing all the courses, you will have earned ten hours of professional development credit in topics ranging from handling the day of a crisis, to suicide prevention, to helping students deal with trauma and grief.

Courses included are:

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention – 3 hours

Self-Injury: Understanding and Prevention – 2 hours

All Staff Preparedness – 2 hours

Crisis Response for Individuals – 2 hours

Rapid Response Team Training for Individuals – 1 hour

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Courses in development include:

  • Psychological Trauma
  • De-escalating Angry Students
  • Grief
  • Grief Activities
  • Safe Rooms
  • Life Tributes
  • Overview of Student Threat Assessment
  • Mini Courses (30 minutes)

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