Facilitating Grief Groups with Youth

There may be no better use of an hour a week of a counselor’s time than to provide a grief group for students.  This workshop provides a format for a 10-week series of 45-minute groups.  The training covers:

  • developmental stages of youth in understanding death and grief
  • “Tasks” of grief (adapted from Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s work)
  • Organization of the group time (check-in, activity, reflection, etc.)
  • Activities ready to use for all ten weeks
  • Thought and steps in planning to make it work well

This format works for a group of youth who all lost a friend (for instance, members of a team that lost a player) or for eight or ten students who have never met one another, but who share in common the life experience of losing a parent or sibling.

This is how Cheri Lovre started her 35-year career in school crisis, and providing groups for grieving youth remains one of her passions.

Half-day workshop

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