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I’m glad you found our website! I’m Cheri Lovre. My whole life has been about working with kids. Kids just like you. I’ve been doing that for a long, long time… since before you were born!!! For over 30 years!!! (That might be almost before your PARENTS were born!) So if you want to picture what it is like to hang out with me, picture your very favorite person that is old enough to be your grandmother.

I go into schools after kids die. Even though nobody your age should have to lose anybody, it might be that you found this site because … because that is exactly what has happened to you. I spend time helping adults understand what kids need when they’re grieving. Really, it is very simple. Kids need lots of love, lots of compassion, lots of understanding, a little room for being anxious, angry or upset… that’s what adults need, too. Sometime, though, adults aren’t so sure what kids need.

So, I’ve worked for years with kids in schools, but most of what we have has been designed for adults. We are really excited to launch a “For kids” section just for you. As you can see, we are just JUST starting. So that’s where you come in!!!

When you think about the things that worry kids – the things that have to do with tragedy or crisis or that sort of thing, what do you most wish you had? We want you to send us an email to let us know… what worries you? You can send me an email at and … I promise! … we’ll read every one of your emails. We’ll look at which requests we get the most, and we’ll work on guidelines for you that get the most requests. So send us your heart’s desire.

I’d like you to just leave the handouts the way we post them. Print them out and give them to friends, or send links to your parents (THAT’s a great idea!), or to your teachers or counselors or even your principal. I think that life is both filled with joy and with challenges. I figure you know exactly how to get through times of joy (yippee!) so I’m going to work on helping you figure out how to get through the tough times. The challenges. If you find something on my web site that you want to send to someone, send the link or the download. Share liberally. Know that if there is one thing that matters to me, it is that you know that I totally remember how difficult it was to make it through my teenage years. You are my connection to my past. I remember…. Hugs to you all ~ Cheri Lovre

You will need Adobe’s Free Acrobat Reader ™ to download and read the files.

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