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Welcome to our download area where you will find guides that help colleges and universities deal with a range of crises:
  • current crises making media coverage
  • some of the more challenging, but somewhat common school crises (deaths of students or staff in car wrecks, suicides, homicides, other)
  • some critical past events, ranging from natural disasters to terrorism.
You can download each guide in PDF format by clicking on any link below.
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From Ms. Lovre, “I want to be generous in sharing of many portions of my materials. At the same time, use of these materials requires having the integrity to respect my work, to understand the risk you place me in by taking portions of handouts out of context, and to have the ethics to uphold the spirit in which these materials are offered for your use. I appreciate your honest consideration of this.” Cheri Lovre

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For additional resources pertaining to the topics listed above, please refer to our Free Resources tab above. Many are easily applicable for all age groups.


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