The Cyber-bullying/Suicide Connection

The “Perfect Storm” of cyber-bullying and suicide has resulted from the collision of multiple dynamics in technology and our culture, some beyond the reach of the school counselor. While we need to engage parents and community groups, there is so very much we can do at the school level to address this critical issue.

This workshop provides a fascinating model of how youth become suicidal, examines the complexities of availability of technology to youth, and brings in unexpected insights about both the perpetrators and victims.  By looking at this complex challenge from four angles: family, societal, technological and the developmental stages/limitations of youth, a framework emerges that allows us to begin to take meaningful steps in making a difference.

Attendees will leave with greater insights into the multiple dynamics contributing to this difficult problem.  An evaluative tool for assessing your districts strengths and weaknesses in this area will be provided and clear ideas on engaging parents in their role are highlights of the workshop.  Leave with a roadmap for getting from where you are to the next level up in saving students’ lives.

Half-day or one-day workshop.


In Crisis Now?