Crisis Response Training for Individuals Online Course

(2-hour professional development unit for Administrators, Counselors, Teachers)

This selection of six 15-minute videos provides a basic understanding of how to manage crisis in the classroom and for the school as a whole, as well as understanding how we can best support youth who are grieving.  The goal is to facilitate the return to optimum academic functioning for the school as a whole while providing the opportunity for those who are struggling to process the loss in a healthy way.   Each video comes with an activity that will take knowledge into skills.

Content includes:


  • Administrative Issues
  • Getting Through Crisis Day
  • Stabilizing the School
  • Developmental Stages of Grief
  • Safe Room Organization
  • Life Tributes





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Please note that at this time, our courses are not available for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

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$45.00 – Two Hours PD Credit



Supplementary Material:


Crisis Resource Manual


Crisis Resource Manual

The Crisis Resource Manual is the go-to resource for getting through crisis day and the follow-up.  Chapters cover the checklist for crisis day with guidelines for each item on the list; form, flyer and letter templates; notification and announcement templates; meeting agendas and goals; the Safe Room; activities for processing loss; psychological trauma; life tributes; follow-up; staff assignments and a bibliography.

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