Package Course:

Crisis Preparedness and Response

in the School Setting


Lightning stormOne of your students begins coming to school with cuts along her arms.  How do you approach her to find out if they are intentional?

You arrive at school to learn that a fellow teacher has died.  The cause may be suicide.  What do you tell your students?

A tornado has knocked out power and the students are becoming anxious.  Who among your staff decides what actions to take?

This series of courses from CMI will help you answer these questions and will prepare you to deal with a range of other issues that may affect your school.  Having a plan in place before crisis strikes is the key to an effective response, and can help you save lives during a crisis, as well as facilitate healing in its aftermath.

Participants will:

  • Gain knowledge in several critical areas related to prevention and response to crisis in schools
  • Gain insights that will assist staff in identifying and referring students who need intervention
  • Be able to evaluate their own school’s readiness in several areas of crisis response
  • Use new skills to become valuable team members for their district’s crisis response efforts
  • Become agents of positive school climate change in their districts

The courses in this package total ten hours of professional development credit.  Each course includes a certificate of completion after passing the quiz for that course.

Included Courses:

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention – 3 hours – $50

Self-Injury: Understanding and Prevention – 2 hours – $45.00

All Staff Preparedness – 2 hours – $45.00

Crisis Response for Individuals – 2 hours – $45

Rapid Response Team Training for Individuals – 1 hour – $30


This is the best value we offer for our course material, and serves as a great introduction to the many facets of crisis response.  These courses will be available 24/7 so that you can walk into your school informed and prepared!

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$175.00 – 10 Hours PD Credit

Introductory Pricing for the 2014-15 School Year




Supplemental Learning Materials


Crisis Resource Manual Catastrophic Events Resource Manual

The package course covers a lot of material, but even in ten hours we couldn’t cover every aspect of crisis response.  Cheri Lovre has developed the Crisis Resource Manual and the Catastrophic Events Resource Manual to work as preparatory aids before disaster strikes, as well as a vital resource to have by your side as events unfold.

These materials are not required for this course, but are manuals that Cheri uses during many of her on-site training sessions, and can provide invaluable guidance when you need it most.

Take a look at our online store for these and other materials that you may find helpful.


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