COVID-19 Resources

In response to the many requests we’re receiving from schools, and because this will be an ongoing and rapidly changing unfolding, we’re creating this page for people who wish to access new resources and ideas in the coming months.  You might bookmark this page for quick access.

We’re exploring the options for having a shared online space for those who are interested in being able to share ideas with one another.  For now, if you’ll send us your ideas on how you’re managing anxiety for your youth/students or other tips or thoughts you have, we’ll begin to post them.  Please put “Info to post” in the subject line, and note in those messages that contain your own ideas whether you wish for us to credit the idea with your name or post them without your name under “ideas from school counselors and teachers.”

For Parents

These are general guidelines, but come back in the next couple of days and we’ll be uploading ideas for families on how to help your child manage anxiety.  Coming soon!

Here is a podcast providing some background and a framework for how we might approach these next weeks.  Cheri shares lessons learned from past events that apply to how we might approach this difficult time.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Parents

Parent Handout For Schools

And check out our new webpage just for parents!

Also scroll further for times you can join Zoom calls specifically for parents!

For Schools

This first download is a series of five activities, each five minutes long, to help your students learn to cope with anxiety.  We’ll continue to upload new activities and ideas, so check back often!

This resource is for schools that are still in session.

C-19 Activities For Schools -Week One

This handout is for schools that are still in session to use to prepare students for being homebound.

Activities for School Closure

For School Counselors

For those of you already on homebound, we have a new website of ideas for supporting students if your district is allowing contact between counselors and students.  We’re just launching our new <> page so it is still a little rough around the edges, though beautiful to behold!  We’ll continue to upload all kinds of ideas and will soon link them to Facebook and Instagram.  We look forward to hearing from you on ways you’ve found to keep touch with your charges.  Please drop us a note at <> or our contact page and we’ll help spread your ideas!


We will be starting Zoom calls in early April for faith-based groups with a focus on supporting families in this difficult time of separation.  Please feel free to post our resources for families <>  or forward that link in your emails to families.     Feel free to use our contact page to be in touch if there are resources you’d like us to create.  Some of our school resources may be easily adapted for your youth faith-based education as well.

Upcoming Zoom Calls

Cheri Lovre will continue to host Zoom calls for an indefinite period of time.  The schedule for school counselors and staff can be found on our new site <>. There is a quick registration process to do ahead of time so we can know numbers and assure our plan will accommodate everyone!  It is a one-click process.    If we can modify this in the future we will.  For now, please register ahead so you’re ready to start with us.

See you there!






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