Continued Biking Adventures!

For those of you who have been following our biking, we had another terrific year! Linda again flew out to Oregon so we could do the Seattle to Portland, and I just returned from the City to Shore fundraiser for MS – a ride from just outside Philly to Ocean City, NJ and back. Both rides had new “firsts” for us.

On the STP, we made 142 miles our first day – from Seattle to Castle Rock! What a feat of stamina and endurance it was for the last 10 miles! So the fun part was that on day two, we only had about 64 miles left to go, and we averaged 17.2 miles per hour for 60 miles. THAT was TERRIFIC!

The new “first” for us with the CTS was being part of a larger team. Linda’s principal was thrilled last year when we did this, because his father died of MS in 1990. So she convinced him to train and ride with us… and then he recruited three other young bucks to ride along. So the six of us raised $5,000 and had a blast on the ride.

So here we are on this year’s STP and also one of the team at the beach, which is half way through the CTS ride. None of the fellows were limping yet!!!!

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