The Continued Journey

A few quick additions to the information in the blog post below.  We will be hosting Zoom calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays until we update this site to announce otherwise.  At 11:00 Pacific time, Cheri Lovre will host an hour for school administrators, counselors, teachers and staff.  At noon Pacific time will be an hour […]

The Media and School Shootings

And so another heart-breaking tragedy with the start of the school year.  Umpqua Community College has a mass-casualty shooting.  As bleak as it always is, there is a significant ray of hope.  The sheriff of Douglas County refused to speak the name of the shooter, making clear that media attention to the perpetrator is a […]

Compliance of Students Taking the Pledge of Allegiance

Many social networking sites for counselors and teachers have posts about how to deal with students who refuse to take the Pledge of Allegiance. I stand respectfully when the national anthem is sung, but every cell in my body cringes at our focus on war, power, and might.  I find it so telling that we […]

Losing Robin Williams

As noted in our newsletter, this was written when it happened, but I didn’t blog it at that time.  Now, though, the commentary on FaceBook continues and is turning dark.  We decided maybe it was still timely to offer something that could perhaps move us back toward a more thoughtful place.  CJ   Undone.  Unravelled.  […]

Seattle-to-Portland 2009!

We did it again! Linda and I hopped on our bikes early Saturday morning, July 11th, and pedaled our way all the way to Castle Rock (about 140 miles) for an earlier arrival this year. That was terrific – we had much more time to enjoy the Mexican Restaurant across from the hotel and settle […]

Continued Biking Adventures!

For those of you who have been following our biking, we had another terrific year! Linda again flew out to Oregon so we could do the Seattle to Portland, and I just returned from the City to Shore fundraiser for MS – a ride from just outside Philly to Ocean City, NJ and back. Both […]

Pictures from this Past Year

Packing my bike to go to the east coast… my son Cameron is a great help! Finish line of last year’s MS ride. Just Linda and me. This year we’ll be part of Andy’s team, not just riding in memory of his father! Here is the most amazing woman – she is 85 and has […]


The ASCA conference is nearly upon us, which means we’ve wrapped up another school year. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year. This is a time when I can sit back to consider new trends and unusual phenomenon in the greater arena of school crisis. One way I measure that is […]


Many of you ask how I stay so very optimistic in the face of the kinds of circumstances that fill my work. And those of you who attended my keynote at the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association Conference or the conference for counselors in North Dakota all know – biking is one of the major stress […]

One of the things we talk about in training is how important care for the caregiver is — those of us who work in fields that are demanding of us on a psychological or emotional level can easily hit burn-out if we aren’t finding wonderful ways of rejuvenation and renewal. I thought it would be […]

In Crisis Now?