Community Responses in the Wake of Catastrophic Events

The Second Wave of Trauma: The Need for Broader Community Understanding and Action It is with indescribable sadness that we have learned of the suicides of two Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors and the father of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. While it is overwhelmingly terrible when mass casualty events occur, the […]

Losing Robin Williams

As noted in our newsletter, this was written when it happened, but I didn’t blog it at that time.  Now, though, the commentary on FaceBook continues and is turning dark.  We decided maybe it was still timely to offer something that could perhaps move us back toward a more thoughtful place.  CJ   Undone.  Unravelled.  […]

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Our hearts are broken with this horrific event.  We’ve been posting guidelines of varieties of sorts on the website.   We are getting many questions from schools regarding how to support staff who are rattled today, what to say in parent letters home..  We will continue to upload information at Please post questions here […]

Reflections on September 11th

As we approach 9/11, I find myself a little listless and somewhat lonely. Until the towers fell, I experienced 9/11 just the way most people on the West Coast did – seeing the coverage, horrified to think of the trauma, stretching to wrap my mind around it – but all of that shifted dramatically. The […]

The New School Year Is Here!

Amidst the hurricane on the east coast and forest fires in the west, students are flooding back through the school doors and into our daily lives again. Because the anniversary of 9/11 occurs so early in the school year, guidelines for commemoration were the very first e-Newsletter to go out this year. I’ve invited people […]

Gearing Up!!!

Time to look at the new school year, and I’m turning over a new leaf as well. Until now, the blog has just had personal reflections on life, but wasn’t focused on “notes from the field” as much as I’d initially intended. This year, most of what will be on the blog will be professionally […]

Seattle-to-Portland 2009!

We did it again! Linda and I hopped on our bikes early Saturday morning, July 11th, and pedaled our way all the way to Castle Rock (about 140 miles) for an earlier arrival this year. That was terrific – we had much more time to enjoy the Mexican Restaurant across from the hotel and settle […]

As we continue to deal with the unfolding of the swine flu threat, we need to keep in mind that the health departments in your area will have the information you need on dealing with the health matters, school closures, etc. For the first discussion guideline CMI published for schools you can go to this […]

Continued Biking Adventures!

For those of you who have been following our biking, we had another terrific year! Linda again flew out to Oregon so we could do the Seattle to Portland, and I just returned from the City to Shore fundraiser for MS – a ride from just outside Philly to Ocean City, NJ and back. Both […]

Pictures from this Past Year

Packing my bike to go to the east coast… my son Cameron is a great help! Finish line of last year’s MS ride. Just Linda and me. This year we’ll be part of Andy’s team, not just riding in memory of his father! Here is the most amazing woman – she is 85 and has […]

In Crisis Now?