Catastrophic Events (Threat to Life on Campus)

Emergency ChecklistOverview:
This workshop provides the outline of the three phases of responding to a catastrophic event in the school setting, such as 9/11, a school shooting, an act of terrorism or a natural disaster. Common errors become evident and tips for organizing in ways that help meet the needs of students, staff and parents also help minimize the likelihood of lawsuits.

For participants to grasp the dynamics of overwhelming events and see the big picture, such that they are better able both to organize their plans for responding to this, but also to be able to see the big picture at a time when lives are not at stake. This prepares us all for better preventing loss of life when every minutes counts.

Half day overview; One day workshop; Two-day in-depth concentrations on phases.

Intended audience:
Central Office staff, building administrators, School Resource Officers, heads of Transportation, Food Service, Grounds and Maintenance, Flight Team Members, Rapid Response Team Members, teachers, counselors, school psychologists, nurses and others.

Three phases of catastrophic events and recovery, including what to have in place ahead of time and how to respond in the heat of the moment.

All of the crisis response team (Flight Team) training is very helpful.

Related materials:
Catastrophic Events Resource Manual. Handout provided.


We also offer this as a two-day training at our Fall Academy in Oregon each November.  Register here.

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