Bomb Threats


On site training has two configurations. One is to train administrators and key building staff in a 1/2 day training. Those participants return to their sites and train building staff. The second configuration is for CMI to provide on-site training to all district staff.

Goals: This session does not provide direct answers, because each district and each event has variables. The first goal is to train all staff in the building search techniques that can greatly reduce out-of-building time when evacuation is called. The second goal is to help administrators and those in charge consider a broad range of variables to consider and options to try in the event of a bomb threat.

Intended audience: All district staff, regardless of job description. Different levels of training depending on position, but all staff receive some level of training.

Content: Building searches Decisions on evacuation Alternatives to evacuation Collaboration with your local law enforcement

Half-day workshop

In Crisis Now?