All Staff Preparedness

Professional Development Course

This version of the All Staff Preparedness Videos is designed for individuals who want to be prepared to respond effectively to a range of issues related to crisis recovery in schools.  With these skills, we can help prevent the cascade of crises, where smaller events tumble into larger ones.  The twenty-five videos include these topics:

  1. Two Kinds of Teams: How Teams Might OrganizeEmpty-Desk-Title
  2. Children (Youth) in Grief
  3. Needs of Youth in Grief
  4. Empty Desk: What to Do With Student Belongings
  5. One Student Loses a Family Member
  6. Suicide Prevention
  7. Warning Signs for Potential Suicide
  8. Missing Students
  9. Announcements
  10. Function of a Safe Room
  11. Activities for Processing Loss
  12. Handling the Classroom on Crisis Day
  13. Guidelines for Teachers on Crisis Day
  14. Memory Events
  15. Effects of Trauma for Individuals
  16. Prevention of Trauma
  17. Follow-up for Staff and Students
  18. Self Care
  19. Managing the Media
  20. Signs of Need for Professional Help
  21. Identifying Depression in Students
  22. Terminal Illness
  23. For Students Attending a Funeral for the First Time
  24. Teachable Moments
  25. Parent Communications

There are quiz questions associated with each brief video.  On completion of the course, you will earn 2 hours of professional development credit, and will be given the option to print a custom certificate.

Access to the course is time-limited, so wait to purchase until you intend to take and complete the course.

For each log-in session, you will need to allow time to view an average of at least three or four segments, each segment approximately five minutes long.

Please note that at this time, our courses are not available for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

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$45.00 – 2 Hours PD Credit


There is also a district annual site-license for this series that allows principals to use the course all year long during staff or departmental meetings.  It includes handouts for each segment as well as activities for taking knowledge into skills.  For more information, click here.

Supplementary Material:


Crisis Resource Manual

Crisis Resource Manual

The Crisis Resource Manual is the go-to resource for getting through crisis day and the follow-up.  Chapters cover the checklist for crisis day with guidelines for each item on the list; form, flyer and letter templates; notification and announcement templates; meeting agendas and goals; the Safe Room; activities for processing loss; psychological trauma; life tributes; follow-up; staff assignments and a bibliography.

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The Safe Room:

A Guide for School Crisis Responders

Safe Room Book Cover

This book covers all dimensions of facilitating Safe Rooms — those nurturing spaces set aside for students who are in more profound grief following the death of a peer. Topics include philosophy, room set-up, rules and behavior management, activities and much more.  Comes with a CD of activities ready to print.

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Copyright Note:  

Purchase of this course is restricted for use by one individual according to the copyright.

For use with groups, schools or districts, we offer site licenses with significant discounts for bulk user orders.


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