All Staff Preparedness Video Series


Giving Staff the Tools They Need

Available in Two Versions

When school crisis unfolds, managing student reactions and needs happens first in the classroom.  Teacher education rarely covers critical skills for school crisis response. The All Staff Preparedness video series includes 25 five-minute videos on topics most critical for responding to the most common kinds of crises schools face.  These are designed to slip easily into existing staff or departmental meetings so you don’t have to set aside precious professional development days to keep your staff at high levels of readiness.

  • Standard Version – includes handouts for all staff covering salient points in each videoAdultsmeetingaroundtable
  • Skill-building Version – includes a 15 – 20 minute activity to help staff take knowledge into skills

Watch this video by Cheri Lovre about All Staff Preparedness

Benefits include:

  • Increased staff confidence and peace of mind
  • Enhanced trust toward the school as students experience a balance of understanding and support from staff
  • Increased parent trust in the school’s capacity to keep their children safe
  • Decrease in staff stress due to preparedness
  • Staff nip problems in the bud, before they turn into crises


  • Increased ability of teachers to stop small crises from cascading into larger ones
  • A uniform and skillful response in the moment when crisis strikes
  • Coordinates with other resources from CMI
  • Decreased dependence on administration and counselors during crises and in recovery
  • Teachers and staff collect a file of guidelines for a variety of kinds of incidents


  • Twenty-five 5-minutes videos
  • Handouts to accompany each
  • Available on-demand, 24/7

Additional Features for Skill-Building Version:

  • Small group activities designed to generate discussion and build skills for concepts taught in each video.
  • Instructions for leading these activities for facilitator (usually the principal or counselor)

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CMI-Demo-Button-2 Each video comes with a handout for staff so they begin to build a file of helpful resources.  Topics include:

  1. Two Kinds of Teams: How Teams Might Organize
  2. Children (Youth) in Grief
  3. Needs of Youth in Grief
  4. Empty Desk: What to Do With Student Belongings
  5. One Student Loses a Family Member
  6. Suicide Prevention
  7. Warning Signs for Potential Suicide
  8. Missing Students
  9. Announcements
  10. Function of a Safe Room
  11. Activities for Processing Loss
  12. Handling the Classroom on Crisis Day
  1. Guidelines for Teachers on Crisis Day
  2. Memory Events
  3. Effects of Trauma for Individuals
  4. Prevention of Trauma
  5. Follow-up for Staff and Students
  6. Self Care
  7. Managing the Media
  8. Signs of Need for Professional Help
  9. Identifying Depression in Students
  10. Terminal Illness
  11. For Students Attending a Funeral for the First Time
  12. Teachable Moments
  13. Parent Communications

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Supplementary Material:


Crisis Resource Manual


Crisis Resource Manual

The Crisis Resource Manual is the go-to resource for getting through crisis day and the follow-up.  Chapters cover the checklist for crisis day with guidelines for each item on the list; form, flyer and letter templates; notification and announcement templates; meeting agendas and goals; the Safe Room; activities for processing loss; psychological trauma; life tributes; follow-up; staff assignments and a bibliography.

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