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Our mission at CMI is to help schools prevent crisis for individuals as well as the whole school population, and to plan and prepare such that each small response mitigates the likelihood of a larger crisis growing out of the current situation.  By providing solid foundational materials and cutting-edge online updates, we aim to give all schools a range of resources with which to face emerging challenges.

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How We Fulfill Our Mission


At CMI our greatest expertise is in the school setting, addressing crisis response, maintaining peaceful school environments and violence prevention. Our services include on site crisis response, trauma intervention and violence prevention at the time of need anywhere in the world, as well as training and technical assistance in planning and development stages. Our trainings encompass a wide range of topics, and there are many options from which to choose.

In addition to training services to schools we are called into a variety of settings, including:

  • social service agencies
  • hospitals
  • hospices
  • victim assistance/advocacy programs
  • prosecutor’s staff and legal professionals
  • emergency responder departments
  • crisis shelters (responding to rape, domestic violence, other)
  • corporations
  • insurance companies
  • colleges
  • early intervention programs, pre-school programs

We provide program development and technical assistance in the following:

  • crisis response teams for schools
  • trauma intervention for schools and in the community
  • grief support group centers / anticipatory grief
  • college response and dorm readiness for responding to tragedy
  • facilitating grief groups
  • and many others…

Special workshops are available to address special needs, such as:

  • how businesses can prevent, prepare for and respond to violent and traumatic episodes
  • the Lovre Model for trauma intervention for counselors, social workers, psychologists and other mental health practitioners
  • stabilizing the work or school environment after traumatic episodes

Other options in technical assistance:

  • onsite safety evaluations
  • evaluation of your team organization and structure
  • staff training in a variety of specialty areas
  • violence prevention

Cheri Lovre is also available for on-site response:

  • help craft messages to media
  • help prevent litigation by guiding provision of follow-up services to families
  • provide guidelines for bringing the community back together – beginning social/emotional recovery
  • provide handouts for various groups (teachers, parents, administrators, etc.)
  • provide agendas for a range of meetings
    • staff follow-up meetings
    • student gatherings
    • community meetings
    • more

Materials available through Crisis Management Institute

Our training manuals are designed to offer staff comprehensive resources for crisis day and planning for crisis response. They seek to bring schools cutting-edge knowledge, insights, training, planning and response capabilities. All workshops and training include handouts for participants which are designed to be useful both during training and later for use in responding to crisis and tragedy. Most can easily be adapted so several different agencies and programs can share in a training. Content is adapted in order to make each training session specific to professions represented by those in attendance.


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